Meet Marcello, Photographer / Musician / Astoria Resident

Marcello just rented a one bedroom apartment for only $1250 in Astoria near 30th Ave and 48th St.  He used to have to travel on the LIRR daily to get to his photography job in midtown and it was a tedious journey.  That has all changed now since his apartment is only a block and a half from the R, V train at 46th st (there is also an entrance at 48th street) which takes him right into midtown. I just ran into Marcello in the street as we both live in the same neighborhood and he really couldn't be happier with his apartment and the neighborhood.  He moved into a 3rd floor walk-up in a 6 family building.  The apartment gets tons of light and is immaculate.  The landlords are real family people but they mind their own business and give their tenants plenty of privacy and space. FYI, Marcello has a great website.  Check it out at  [caption id="attachment_2376" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="L to R: Carmine, Marcello, Rosa, myself, Joanne"][/caption]