Buyer and Sellers Getting Along

Brian (left) shows the seller, Sami his new plans for the home he is in contract to buy. The 2 Family home located on 26th Ave in Astoria will be completely remodeled by Brian with the help of a 203K loan. This is a loan that incorporates renovation costs into the mortgage. It is a terrific program but there are many steps in the lending and appraisal process that are not usual for a typical mortgage. These steps require many visits to the home with contractors, architects, engineers well before the appraisal has even been performed. This can be taxing on a seller who is not used to the process and if one is not careful one can wind up with tension and friction between the buyer and seller. Fortunately, all involved have proven to be reasonable and generous with their time and all is working out well. When Brian brought over the plans it was nice to see both buyer and seller working together with the same interests in mind. Buying and selling does not have to be a painful process. In fact it can be quite enjoyable. You just never know who you'll meet next.