Incredible 2 Bedroom with Balcony off Broadway for $2000 – rented

This large two bedroom has a lot going for it.  The huge master bedroom with custom California walk-in closet and bay window, the large balcony, the dining room, and the great layout all make this place a winner.  In addition, it is located conveniently close to the trains close to Broadway and Steinway. Call soon for this hot new listing! Heat, hot water and cooking gas included.... No pets allowed. Please call Ana Saljanin, Licensed Real Estate Agent @ Horowitz Real Estate  646-753-1280 00808_dJZuPTTTYR1_600x450 00a0a_927UDFYqDbJ_600x450 00B0B_k5u8aCqmoRk_600x450 00e0e_1bEfOeLNrqm_600x450 00e0e_fz2P6XSe2HB_600x450 00F0F_5aTIiwQc27D_600x450 00F0F_coFhe7EORgY_600x450 00f0f_lvYAGFBa1UG_600x450 00m0m_8Ico0A3SMYu_600x450 00m0m_euHbVrm3LdZ_600x450 00O0O_5UvWJ3hhqkH_600x450 00x0x_6iNoU8TpYqc_600x450 01212_jVai57A0GqF_600x450 01313_caVHEQuK3i0_600x450